**Who´s the Best and Favorite Companion?**

Hey guys:

I just wanted to make a little quiz.I have seen like a lot of posts discussing who is the best or was the best companion of the Doctor.People say that it is Rose Tyler,others say that it is Donna Noble or River song (Which i think River is not the best but the BADASSEST!) But the thing is i want to know which you consider is the best.Just i will ask you not to offend the others or start fights because if you do i will have to delete this post and continue,so please please don´t start fights!Also i count this as Who is your Favorite companion..but lets see who is the winner!This are just the companions fromm Christopher Eccleston to Matt Smith,later i will make one with all the companions and a quiz to know the Favorite Doctor but that will be later!

I consider that they are all great,but i just want to know you better guys so VOTE!


2 thoughts on “**Who´s the Best and Favorite Companion?**

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