**Big Bang Theory Season 7:The Romance Resourance REVIEW**

Hey Guys:

Did you watched yesterday chap of season 7 form the Big Bang Theory!!If you did,then you must be as shocked as I am!Did you noticed there was a DOCTOR WHO REFERENCE??

Well,it was howard`s and Bernadette`s first date Anniversary and he was planning to write a song for Bernadette so he asked for help to the gang.While that,Sheldon discovered a new formula to make a new element!But,Sheldon then discovered that he had made a mistake while reading the periodic table of the elements and put another number that wasn`t .When he discovered this he felt “LUCKY” and if you know Sheldon,luck isn`t the best for him.Eventhough,he was congratulated by his fellows,offered schoolarship`s and a lot but A LOT of applauses and cheerings but he asked the people to not congratulate him!

Anyway,Howard finished the song and wanted to sing it to  Bernadette so he made this hole reunion were everyone was dressed very formal and were looking great but then Howard received a call from some Bernadette´s collegues that told him she was in the hospital because an accident had happened,so howard insted decided to sing to her at the hospital! Here is where we find a DOCTOR WHO reference: “I will be the Doctor without a TARDIS”(this was a line in the lyrics he wrote).

Finally,we saw the part tha we all wanted to see: SHELDON TELLING AMY HE WANTS TO KISS HER!

Yep,that´s right,he told that,CHECK IT OUT:

Anyway,I don´t want to SPOIL you guys anymore and if i had a link to share it to you the episode guys i would so if you can help me to find a link so you can watch the episodes if you didnt saw them on the TV.

Ifyou want to hear the song Howard wrote,here it is:

**NEXT EPISODE- The Proton Displacement



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