NaruHina and SasuSaku….Is now an Official OTP??

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Yeah,I know! “You are late” or “You left us”.I am really sorry guys but i kind of not have enough time now that I´m in Highschool, actually I just finished Final exams and also i just started vacations so there will be a lot of activity in this 3 months and then maybe they will decrease or there will not be any activity at all,who knows…maybe I can get some free time during classes….We´ll see!

Official OTP? NaruHina and SasuSaku?

Official OTP? NaruHina and SasuSaku?

So,if you have being keeping up with the manga then you might have notice a little bit of NARUHINA and SASUSAKU moments (more NaruHina) even if they are short or kind of not clear,you can see that it is a moment for these pairs.If you go and check Tumblr in the tags of Naruhina and SasuSaku you might notice that everyone is FREAKING OUT! (At least I AM!!)

So lets´start with the OTP of SASUSAKU:

They are some complications with this couple.We see some moments when they kind of express their feelings towards each other,they kind of get mixed feelings.So lets see the current moments on the manga.

For example,CHAPTER 676
tumblr_inline_n5ybnf9j9W1s5nmhuSo,Sakura suddenly attacked Madara (I really don´t understand what she was    planning to do but…well) and she gets “Stabbed” or something like that.Naruto  and Sasuke run to her rescue,they succeed,Naruto worries about Sakura asking  her if she is ok but she really does not care about answering Naruto,she seems to  care more about Sasuke asking her if she is Ok….but he doesn´t.

Complicated huh?? Well,I am gonna tell you what I think about this chap.I really  don´t think that Sasuke didn´t care about Sakura,I just think that he is the kind of  guy that when his woman gets hurt he tries to get vengeance or attacks his opponents with all he gots…so don´t worry dear Sakura you will get the attention you want from him.

My favorite moment about this couple in the last chapters is quite old but AMAZING!

We all have to admit that Sakura has become pretty strong and her nickname as USELESS is not longer suitable for her and for any of the Naruto Female Characters and Sasuke has noticed this in several occasions.IMG_0736

I just love this part: Look at SASUKE!!!OMG!!I loved this moment so much!I can say that Sasuke is really proud of Sakura and that now he can see how much she means to him…They are both pretty strong and they kind of take care of each other so that is why I ship this couple so much! Sakura might say that she doesn´t feel the same about Sasuke anymore but I really think that both of them have feelings for each other,maybe for Sasuke we can´t be quite sure because he is not a romantic guy or something but the manga is kind of giving us signs…..

tumblr_n610qdVz2W1s03pxpo1_500The SasuSaku moments are few but they give us hope.I really think that Masashi is now focusing more in the Fourth Great Ninja war than in couples like Sasuke and Sakura,but during the hole conflict of the war he has being developing the relationships between “Couples” so maybe we will get to see more moments of SasuSaku in the next chapters. Declaring Sasuke and Sakura (SasuSaku) as an official,there hasn´t been enough evidence that proofs they are now an OTP so is quite confusing and all SASUSAKU shippers are waiting desperately for a moment between them…all we can do now is wait…..just WAIT.

And now is the turn of NARUHINA:

I am quite excited about this couple,they have been just PER-FECT! I have to admit (as you will notice while reading the following) I am a NARUHINA shipper (huge shipper) so i have been fangirling since the Fourth Great Ninja War started… Why??!! Do you really need me to answer that?

NaruHina moments (more than we can handle) have been shown all around the Ninja War (or that´s what most NaruHina shippers declare) and i am not giving them the reason because I am a NaruHina shipper,but because it is true.So many moments have been shown during the last chaps of the manga (Amazing and Cute Moments) so lets start talking about them,shall we?

First moment during the Fourth Great Ninja War was a Mindblown! NaruHina  shippers went crazy (including me) when this moment happened,they all thanked  Masashi Kishimoto through TUMBLR,FACEBOOK,SKYPE,PINTEREST,WE HEART  IT,TWITTER and GOOGLE+ (ok,the last one is a lie; no one uses Google+,no one  cares about it..),they were all going crazy in every social media,it was a BIG DEAL!  Which moment I´m talking about? Well,the first one…Naruto and Hinata holding  hands.


Does this makes them an OFFICIAL OTP? Well,that´s the question. We all hope to be answered in the next manga chapters and more NaruHina moments are to come.


So,Neji died(still crying) and Obito started to “coco wash” Naruto´s head.Hinata  noticed this and SLAPPED HIM. Yep,like he was slapped by Hinata (but not with a  bad intention) but with a good one.Hinata realized that Naruto was being  manipulated by Obito, telling Naruto that his friends were all gonna die and that  the path he had choosen was “useless” or “not the right one?” something like  that.Hinata made Naruto see that if he gave up on his Ninja Way then everything  would have been done in vaine,that Neji´s dead was in vain and that all his  dreams will become also in vain…..and if he gave up that would be the true way of  him,killing his friends.

I really don´t know if I am the only one that thinks (obviously not) that Hinata  really made a huge thing here!! Why? Well,her character development just  surpassed any other. I am not saying she is the most important character  now;what I am trying to say here is that she really REALLY helped a lot!! Like  A  LOT! What would have happened if she hadn´t done it? Maybe Sakura would  have done it? Or someone else? I really do not know,but Kishimoto really gave  her a huge part in this scene. Many said this made this OTP official, I say that it doesn´t make it official neither impossible,just that there is still a lot to see coming for these two.What I can agree with is that Naruto realized (FINALLY) how much Hinata matters to him,how long she has being with him and how much she “loves and cares” about him! She became important for him in that moment and I am happy about it.

Certainly,that was the moment that freaked out all of us the most.But there are other moments after that which freaked us the same. naruto81081mm4For Example, right after Naruto dies. There are some many theories you can find in Tumblr that explain you why Hinata feels when Naruto is harmed and so does Naruto with Hinata.  It all comes from Chapter 76 (I think) were Naruto  Makes a Promise to Neji right after Hinata is defeated  by him. The theory goes like this : Because of Naruto´s promise, they have been kind of connected since then because he tocuhed her blood and made a promise,that is why they can sense each other,they are CONNECTED… Also they support this theory that during the fight between Naruto and Neji,when Naruto was hurted Hinata could sense it,and she spilled blood just in the moment Naruto was…or something like that goes the thing.The thing is that the connection between Naruto and Hinata is because of the Promise he Made (with Hinata´s blood in his hand) to defeat him.
So since that Moment,Naruto and Hinata are  connected.. (according to NaruHina Theories)  which I think is kind of logical and there are many  things that can be “proven” with that theory like  when Naruto became the nine tailed fox (only six  tails) and right after he became Normal he asked  himself if he had destroyed and killed HINATA and the Whole Village.For a  moment he just sensed that Hinata was alive and he just started to cry.Ok,so  Naruto does not have any kind of Doujutsu like the Byakugan to see in a distance  and notice that Hinata is “alright”,he just sensed it by closing his eyes for a  moment and hoping to her and the whole village to be alright…was there a  Doujutsu included?? Uhmm..I don´t think so….He could see Hinata without any  Doujutsu,this is also another moment that supports the Theory of the Blood  Promise,that both are CONNECTED…

Manga moment coming to Anime!! Excited? Well,i will get that Kyaaa!! as a Yes...

Manga moment coming to Anime!! Excited? Well,i will get that Kyaaa!! as a Yes…

Sooo manyyy,MANY moments had happen during the last manga chaps that  support this theory….Naruto saving Hinata from being attacked,Hinata helping  Naruto to realize that not everything is lost,Naruto staying by her side during  the war and the recent one where Naruto worries about Hinata (which moment  I loved it with all my heart) (still fangirling*) really gives hope to NaruHina  shippers. We have also seen even in the anime that they are characters like Sakura and Kiba that support this couple.

A recent manga chapter shows a funny NaruHina moment when Kiba tells  Naruto not to act though now that Hinata has arrived,this was really epic although there was no reaction from Naruto,we really laughed a little bit.I used  to think that Kiba liked Hinata,I really don´t know what happened with him feeling that way but he does not longer feels jealous or angry about it,he kinds of help Hinata now to get Naruto´s attention maybe because they are some kind of alike (I have always thought that Kiba and Naruto are kind of alike). This moment in the manga has already being adapted to the Anime so I really laughed a lot while watching it.Suddenly,Kiba became my favorite character (jajaja…)

So now for all NaruHina shippers I am gonna just leave this here:

tumblr_inline_n5xh63keYu1rh8d2cThis moment on this week´s manga was heartbreaking and the moment all    NaruHina Shippers were waiting to happen.So the infinite Tsukuyomi is done (we  are all dead) and everyone got drapped into kind of cocoons? or something like  that? (Don´t worry, they will become beautiful butterflies! :3) So,what I  understand is that if you get wrapped like that you die…or something bad  (obviously) happens to you,I still really don´t get it but well…They were all in  problems: Shikamaru,the Mizukage,Choji,Ino etc. and also HINATA! Omg!Hinata  is in problem but also the villagers….is this important,of course but apparently  Kishimoto finded it more important to use 4 manga panels to focus on  Hinata.Why? Because NaruHina is already Official? Well,I don´t know but this was tumblr_inline_n5ybspI3Ai1s5nmhu kind of a big deal for all of us (NaruHina shippers).What I loved the most about    this little moment was Naruto´s reaction towards Hinata situation,again    CONNECTED…There is not a Doujutsu included or anything like that…just Hinata    saying Naruto´s name and that´s all it takes to make Naruto react and try to get to  her….but what happened? Well,a SasuNaru moment appeared and every  NaruHina started hating Sasuke.Kidding,he just wanted to protect Naruto  (SasuNaru moment),anyway I am dying to know what happens next with Hinata  and the others…(Please let it be another NaruHina moment :3) This moment in  the manga showed that Naruto really cares about Hinata,like he really really cares  about her,but I think Kishimoto decided to leave the NaruHina moment for later..I really have huge ambitions for this couple and I really hope a big moment at the end of the war for these two but right now is time to focus on the war and deal with the infinite Tsukuyomi.

So i had too much to say about NaruHina and just a little bit about SasuSaku.I really don´t know why Kishimoto is taking so long to make a SasuSaku moments like the ones with Naruto and Hinata,is it because he wants to keep the best until the end?Well,if he is doing it because of that,I really do not want it to keep it till the very end….Now is time to show us something,a little moment of two panels of the manga would be enough.He is developing pretty well the relationships between the characters and the OTP´s specially wth the NaruHina,there is a moment in every single chap of the manga (I am not mad at it) but I would also like (we would all like) a SasuSaku moment please.

tumblr_n19j8hAwb11sn057to1_500 Theres is still lots of things to see in the manga so the ship between Naruto and  Hinata will stop for a moment and Kishi will leave some chaps for the SasuSaku or  for the war,who knows?Maybe everything I am saying here makes no sense and  both Naruto and Sasuke will die (again) and the manga will end with Madara taking  over the world (Madara Shippuden),i really don´t know what is going to happen  between Sakura and Sasuke nor with Naruto and Hinata,neither with the world,we  will all have to wait till next week´s manga to figure it out (make it quick, please  Kishi).


tumblr_mlw9vxKdP31s1vsiso1_500So,is NaruHina and SasuSaku an Official OTP? Maybe,I don´t know and even if I knew I wouldn´t tell you (yeah,I am really bad),you would have to figure yourself….But I have to keep you in touch because I don´t know about it.NaruHina or NaruSaku? SasuSaku or NaruSasu? Difficult to tell but there is enough evidence to gives us an idea of what could happen between these two pairs of GummyBears (I really don´t know why I said that) and relax and let the manga continue until the new movie is released this year (Yep,a new movie,the last one at the end of this year).

I am just gonna tell you my opinion as a Naruto Fan and shipper: I really think these two couples will get together,in a weird way but they will kind of would get together.And if you are a NaruSaku and a SasuNaru (or something like that) I will not tell you to back off or give up already because there is still a lot to see happen in the manga and lots of things to happen so I would not say that you have like 100% confirmed that your OTP is lost,just to hang on and wait for it,that is the only thing you can do for now.

tumblr_m4ruqiIMIm1rrzxmao1_500 And if you are  a NaruHina and SasuSaku shipper,don´t get too excited…nothing  is decided yet,there are still things we haven´t seen and the manga isn´t over yet  so don´t trust too much on it.Just relax (if you can) and wait till next week  manga,maybe the OTP will be declared official there or  it will take a while.Just  hope for the best.

NaruHina and SasuSaku OFFICIAL OTP? Uhmm,not yet… MOSTLY PROBABLE  AND THAT IT WOULD BE PERFECT?? can say that!!! :3

So what do you think?Is it official or just a lie?


tumblr_n4ylpmLSho1syk7tbo1_500 tumblr_n4ylpmLSho1syk7tbo2_500






***First Blog Contest!!:Doctor Who***

Hey guys:

So,I wanna make a little contest before series 8 of Doctor Who starts!I was thinking,if there is a New Doctor then there has to be a New Screwdriver or something new!So,do you want me to do a contest??!!So here is the thing,how do you think the new screwdriver will be?

So here is what you have to do:Draw your own screwdriver!If there were a new screwdriver,how would it be?Which is screwdriver is the appropiate for our new Doctor!!So all you need to do is design a New Screwdriver and send it to the blog mail!


-You can use color or pencil

-It has to be a screwdriver (Obviously)

-You have to send it to my email

-You have till March 18th at 12:00 hrs (midnight)

-You can add whatever you want to the Drawing

And then I will publish the drawing you sent me and after that you can vote for the one you like,I haven´t decided yet the prize but the winner can ask me wathever they want to have as a prize (special week,video or something else).So get your pencils and start to draw you have till March 18 ok??Send it to my email and then we can vote.

So,this is kind of a pilot contest because It is the first time I start with this kind of things so let me know what do you thing of this!So…GET READY!!!


***Naruto Shippuden 665:The Current Me***

Hey guys:

I felt kind of disappointed with this week´s manga.Why??Well,is kind of becoming so predectible,I am not saying I know what is going to happen in the next chapter of the manga neither that it is boring,but I am saying this because it kind of making you expect the things that are going to happen,don´t you think????

Why is to difficult to bring Naruto back???!!He has being dead like for 5 chapters and not to mention Sasuke,poor guy...

Why is to difficult to bring Naruto back???!!He has being dead like for 5 chapters and not to mention Sasuke,poor guy…

So Obito is being controled by Zetsu or something like that,but Obito fights back because he was want to have a little “Chat” with Madara before he kills him in the easiest way of all!Before of that he starts to ask questions to Madara about helping him when he was young “What I am to you?”,that question sounds kind of weird.And we also discovered the true purpose of the chakra:”Connect” but people started to use it to fight and blablabla,basically what Madara wants is to disappear “evil” chakra???Ok,kind of weird but I can deal with that!I don´t think Chakra is evil,I mean I win my videogames battles of Naruto Shippuden storm 3 by using chakra, chakra is useful,I thank chakra for my victories on the battles I have online!!

Anyway,what really confused me alot is how Obito killed Madara!!What the hell!!??Quckliest way to kill a Villain!None ever thought about that??They were thousands of ninjas there and no one thought of that!??It only took him like 7 pages,and to the others there have been like 20 chapters!!!Ok,Obito is now the hero of the manga!!Next thing will be Obito Shippuden!

Apart from what is happening with Madara being stabbed by Obito´s hand or something andnaruto-4804329 Naruto Dying,do you remember a cute guy with dark hair whose family was killed by his brother who turned out to be good,and that he left Konoha for vengeance 3 years ago in the manga and also is the guy that Sakura likes??Do you remember him???Do you??Well,he is DYING!!!Ok people we have paid too much attention to Naruto and Madara,now Sasuke Uchiha deserves some attention too!!People,he is dying like 4 chapters ago,I mean Naruto still has a chance but Sasuke is lying on the ground dead and when we thought Karin was going to help him,as usual,she doesn´t help!I mean we should really tell Sakura about Sasuke!!OMG!Please someone doo something!!

Also there has been a mistery which haven´t being solved…who is the owner of the leg that appeared suddenly with Sasuke!!There are some good theories about whose leg is it,but there is one that i would like it to be true: Jiraiya is alive!!Yep,that is one of the most voted theories so far,and they have really good arguments about this:

-He is alive because the shadow doesn´t have an arm (Jiraiya died without an  arm)

-Orochiumaru mentioned something about an old man and he smiled (He refers to Jiraiya)

-No one ever founded Jiraiya´s body again (Jiraiya is alive)

-We see that the person is barefoot (Jiraiya died barefoot)

Well,what I think is that he was brought back with the Edo-tensei or something but I really don´t know,I just think those are kind of good theories.Anyway,I really expect a better chapter next week with more surprises.I am gonna tell you the truth,I think Naruto should finish already,Masashi needs to finish it already.I really want to see it end and not see it become the worst manga ending…at least that is what I think,it is time to leave the pencil Kishimoto,you have done a great job.

***Naruto Shippuden 665: The Current me***

My raection when Madara was "killed" in such an easy way...

My raection when Madara was “killed” in such an easy way…


***Bleach Manga 567-569****

Hey Guys:

Just read Bleach manga and all I have to say is OMG! I couldn´t read it because i wa son exams so I couldn´t publish anything about the last chapters,i wanted to read it soo bad but I couldn´t!The worst of all is that I was spoiled by every single page of Bleach I visited,so I kind of tried not to be on Internet till I read the manga,and somehow It didn´t work because I was already too spoiled and my friends are bad and told me about the chaps that i missed.soo couldn´t work.Finally,finished my exams and started to read the three chpters…Amazing!Just what I expected to happen,something awesome!!So i will start with Bleach 567!

***Bleach 567:Dance with Snowwhite***

The first thing I liked from this chapter was the title and the cover!I loved them soo much but my favorite thing was the title!Why?Well,because I think that the title describes Rukia perfectly and also makes her look amazing and as a delicate flower.Rukia is still my favorite character.

I really loved Rukia´s mew bankai I really think is the best Bankai ever!Ichigo will have to be more careful!Hahaha

I really think Rukia now can become a Captain!I mean she is a great shinigami,she really has to become a Captain in some part of the manga.Apart from that she now can threat Ichigo with killing him with freezing his body to dead or something!Hahah I really want to see Ichigo´s reaction when he sees Rukias Bankai.Actually,now that is soo cold and i start to feel cold i always say “Apparently,Rukia is now fighting!!”

I really loved Rukia´s new zampakuto I really think is the best zampakuto ever!Ichigo will have to be more careful!Hahaha actually my favorite character and my favorite heroine,and i think she is one of the most important characters of the whole manga.On this chapter we see it.I mean,Rukia because a badass girl,her zampakuto becomes sooo badass,that OMFG!I now love her more that i did before.Freezing an enemy like that??I was watching that chap with my friend and he was saying that the issue of Rukia being dead because she froze herself was just impossible and stupid,i told him that in this manga nothing was impossible.

***Bleach 568: Hear. Fear. Here 2***

Soooo victory lasted a few seconds!That emo was still alive after all!I hate him soo much and not only because he is alive,but because he attacked Rukia,NO ONE DOES THAT TO RUKIA!NO ONE!!

What I really liked about that chapter was that he showed Rukia´s fears!They were soo cute!We see that she really cares about Ichigo and Inoue,sooo much!!That is why I love her so much!She is afraid of the fact that Inoue left to protect her and the others,also Inoue telling her that she is weak!She is also afraid about the fact of losing Ichigo and more.Rukia is the greatest person of all.

Rukia´s care for Inoue,Ichigo and Byakuya makes her be even a better heroine!She surely is someone Amazing!

Rukia´s care for Inoue,Ichigo and Byakuya makes her be even a better heroine!She surely is someone Amazing!

I think that Rukia is stronger than what other people thinks.I have listen to people who says that Rukia is weak or useless as they say of Inoue or any other character they don´t like.They say they are weak or useless,but Rukia is not!Rukia is strong even when she is like this,attacked or in problems.Anyway,this chap was as cool as I thought but I really didn´t like the fact that the villain is kind of a creepy person,he is kind of scary!Well,I actually had some nightmares I think he could be a Japanese Slenderman or something like that!!Hahaha.

So,Rukia was almost “defeated”.Well,not defeated but about to get harmed but the chap couldn´t end without an important character:Kuchiki Byakuya!Dont ask me why is he alive or something because I don´t know,but what i know is that if Rukia has a new Zampakuto,why shouldn´t Byakuya have one too?SPOILERSS!!! =3

***Bleach 569: The White Haze***

So,byakuya came to help Rukia but he just spoke to the enemy!What really was amazing was that Rukia has finally a Bankai!I loved it,it seems so powerful and make me want to see the new chapter even more.Sode No Shirayuki Bankai:Hakka No Togame!What does the Bankai makes?I really don´t know!We will have to wait for next weeks manga to figure it out!


Rukia´s Bankai was one of the best things of this weeks manga,what make me laugh is that the enemy that I thought was an emo,turned out to be a guy that likes to tell jokes!He made a joke about Byakuya being harmed when both of them fought!”Did you lost weight”?Best joke ever made in a manga!!Hhahaha!Ok.he is not an emo anymore,I really would like Tite Kubo to make other characters like him!!!

So,in conclusion Rukia has become stronger than we think!Really strong!New Zanpakuto and a Bankai!Tite Kubo is really making Bleach a great manga that I think t should be on the First place of the list.I think we will see new things coming up on the next chapters so as new powers,characters and maybe even more problems for the main characters,we really can expect more about this manga and who knows,maybe it will last a couple of years more…We are just hping for the best.




My reaction when I saw Rukia´s New Zanpakuto and her Bankai:



***Naruto Shippuden 663: Absolutely***

Hey Guys:

How are all of you doing after reading today´s manga??Well,I am feeling happy and a little bit worried/sad at the same time.First because of the issue of Sakura grabbing Naruto´s heart so he can survive!I mean,thanks to Sakura we might see Naruto standing up again next week,yeah,of course but I mean…when I was reading it I was kind of feeling if someone was doing the same to me,you know the “chills”!!

I am absolutely going to be grateful with Sakura my entire life,i will love her sooo much,more than anything!!So,please PLEASE Sakura,bring Naruto back (and if she does not,we all know who we need to kill,and i mean MASASHI!)So we see Sakura touching

Uhmm,this part kind of gave me the chills..A heart!!That is Naruto´s HEART!!Well,at least this are good news for the Narusakus,Sakura touched Naruto´s heart..

Uhmm,this part kind of gave me the chills..A heart!!That is Naruto´s HEART!!Well,at least this are good news for the Narusakus,Sakura touched Naruto´s heart..

Naruto´s heart to kind of bump it..or something so while she is giving air to Naruto,the heart starts beating again.I think this was kind of extreme,like she could have done something else to try to bring him back from dead,like do the normal stuff that they start to hit them in the chest,but Gaara Said that the Kyubi was complely removed so I kind of think Sakura did it because it was the only way.So it was find,I don´t judge that,it was disgusting for me yes,but I mean that is the only way to bring our hero back…But if you read the manga you will know who really is Naruto´s hero..Not Sakura,other person.

Some NaruSaku say that this is a proof of NaruSaku,I just see it as a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation,notting more...But,right now couples are not the matter,the matter is Naruto´s heart not beating!

Some NaruSaku say that this is a proof of NaruSaku,I just see it as a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation,notting more…But,right now couples are not the matter,the matter is Naruto´s  not beating heart!

So,now i am going to review the part that most of you NaruSaku fans want to discuss: The NaruSaku “KISS”.Why do I put “KISS” like that?Well,I am not saying that Naruto and Sakura won´t end together,I really don´t care about it,but what I really want to tell you is that the KISS wasn´t really a true kiss…She “kissed” Naruto to gave him air!I mean that wasn´t a kiss!It was a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation,she needed to do it,because Naruto is dying.I mean,not because I give a guy that is dying a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation we will end up together!NO!I am just trying to save him!It could have happened the same if Sasuke was the one dying and Sakura giving him air!All the SasuSaku fans would be like the NaruSaku fans!Shouting and Fangirling!So in my opinion that is not a proof that Naruto and Sakura are going to end up together,because that is what most of NaruSaku are saying,but I am just a blogger who gives her opinion and doesn´t want to have problems with anybody,so that is my opinion about that “KISS”.

Now,lets get back to the manga:Naruto is in problem and they need to bring him back.While that,Sasuke is also dying and Karin goes to help him.I really don´t think Karin will be of big help,she just can´t do anything.The one that can do something about Sasuke is Tsunade or the man or woman that suddenly appeared in front of Sasuke who by the way we don´t know who the hell is.Some people say  is Kabuto,and I kind of include myself on it.But we really don´t know so there is still a hope for Sasuke just as there is a hope for Naruto!I just really want to know what happens on the next chapter of the manga!The bad news is that we are closer to end of Naruto Shippuden,really close as Masashi told in a interview “The manga is ending in 2014” we still don´t know the exact date but it seems to be soon.

So,who do you think is going to be the man or women that saves Sasuke?What will happen with Naruto?Are we closer to what it seems the end??Fiuu,a lot of questions with certain answers,the only thing we can do now is wait for next weeks manga,that is all we can do…

***Naruto Manga 663: Absolutely***


***Bleach 566: What is your Fear?***

Hello Guys:

I just read todays Bleach Manga and all I can say about is: OMFUCKINGGOD!!I don´t say this just because is Bleach,I say it because Rukia becomes such a motherfucker BADASS!This chap.really made me love her even more,if i was in love with her on the past now i want to marry her!Ok,maybe that thing sounded a little akward but I don´t care,Rukia is the best Manga Female Heroine!Let´s anayze this chap.carefully shall we?

So Renji finally beated up that STRANGE,WEIRD AND A LITTLE SCARY enemy,and what did he do next?Well,he fall sleep!Yep,he fall sleep.I am not judging him because that is so him and also because Rukia asked him to hide his prescense during a while after defeating an enemy but falling sleep could have been dangerous,specially because someone could have killed while he was sleep or,like it happen;someone could observe and analyze his enemie better and that thing did happen!So we will see Renji next fight very soon.

So,back we Rukia she is trying to help the Soul Society after she came back from her training with Renji.And we see she finds her rival!I want to point something out in this part: I am the only one that thought that this HAND was kind of ULQUIORRA´S hand??

For the ones that read the manga this kind of was a surprise,maybe you thought about Ulquiorra during this moment,I did at least!I really hoped it was him but unfortunately it was that creepy guy!I cried a lot!Anyway,the creepy guy with the weird name is the FOREVER ALONE of the group enemies because he apparently feels lonely without Senbonzakura,he was the one that stole

For a moment I had a little panic ATTACK!I really thought aUlquiorra wasn´t dead!!But happiness lasted for like 2 seconds...

For a moment I had a little panic ATTACK!I really thought aUlquiorra wasn´t dead!!But happiness lasted for like 2 seconds…

Byakuya´s Bankai,so I really hate him and he thinks that just killing Rukia will make him appear but Rukia became such a Bad ass and the creepy guy with the weird name didn´t expected that someone could defeat his technique “FEAR” but apparently Rukia did telling him that she is not afraid of anything or something like that!

So Rukia in this manga is like the ICHIGO of the day!I really admire her and love her,I can´t wait to see her training results,because if Renji has a new Bankai then Rukia has to have something new!!Is it a new Bankai?Technique?Power?Or is she Fearless?We don´t know but i would love to find out!

And about Ichigo…








Were the HELL IS HE??I mean how long haven´t we see him??LIKE A DECADE OR WHAT??I mean Soul Society is dying and Ichigo doesn´t appear??I think Tite Kubo just forgot of the main character!I mean we need him to appear!Also,no one has noticed of Ishida´s abscense!Not even his father!Well,at least that is what I think!Haven´t they asked themselves that if they are fighting Quincies,Ishida´s family root or whatever they are,is Ishida now evil??Not even Urahara has done anything!He has been missing from the human world and with the bad guys like 20 chaps. and none has noticed!

Another thing..What about Grimmjow!?Come on Tite,we all know that Grimmjow is there!Alive!So just show him once from all!We have waited soo long!!We want to see Ichigo´s reaction when he sees Grimmjow,I WANT TO SEE HIM,WE ALL WANT TO SEE HIM!So chop,chop TITE!!The Fandom is waiting,just skip to the part were Ichigo is about to get killed and Grimmjow saves him please!!

So this was this weeks manga!Hope you like it and we all pray that nothing happens to Rukia next chap.we just ask for her safety and victory,we don´t want another Bankai stolen,specially Sode No Shirayuki!

***Bleach 566: What is your Fear??

She just broke the Level of BADASSNES!!What will she do next?Reveal she is Inmortal or what?Could Rukia be more BAD ASS??

She just broke the Level of BADASSNES!!What will she do next?Reveal she is Inmortal or what?Could Rukia be more BAD ASS??



***Sherlock Complete Season 3:Review***

Hello Guys:

So yesterday I finished watching Sherlock Series 3 because where I live they start to put them on the T.v like two months after the Season premiere was released,so i kind of had to wait a week and then another week and then other to finally finish watching the season finally,so i want to make the three episodes Review in one post because I really have alot of things to say,a lot of things to shout and confess also to criticize about the whole Season,which in my opinion was REALLY really AWESOME!

So,lets start from the beginning,which means from the first episode of this season:



I remember this gif was nominated the reaction of the year and whole TUMBLR used it for like a WHOLE YEAR and they still use it,this is EPIC!

The empty hearse was quite a confusing and funny episode.Why do I say this?Well,confusing because we really don´t know how did Sherlock survived,they were a lot theories through the whole episode;some of them were weird,others kind of makes you suspect while others are just a bad BAD joke.Also,I say this episode was funny because all the reactions made by Sherlock´s friends and important people like Watson,Mary,Molly(well,she kind of already knew),Mycroft(which also knew) and the EPIC reaction of Mrs. Hudson (EPIC REACTION).

So I am going to start from the Beginning!We see that Sherlock died like two years ago and Watson has already gone on with his life and met Mary.There is also a misterious person that has being solving worldwide problems and Anderson notices this and says that the man who is doing this is Sherlock and then starts to discuss his theories with him!Everyone suddenly realizes this i getting kind of weird so the whole episode we see people explaining their theories°Some of them quite convincing!

First Theory:

1° Sherlock´s Bungie Jump

Ok this theory kind of freaks me out because I wish it could be real but unfortunately is not,it is so obvious because if you see all the details and everything in the lasr episode of Season 2: The Reinchenbach Fall,there wasn´t a broken window.In my opinion this is not the real theory,there are a lot of things that justifies this theory as not the real one and I think that if you look closely in that scene you will notice them and realize what I am talking about!So,just watch it and then realize this is not the Real one,it is Too simple!So in my opinion this theory is out of my list.

Second Theory:

2° Sherlock kisses Moriarty

Ok,this is such a stupid theory and we can clearly see that Sherlock was moving his arms and legs while he was falling so this is just not right!The only thing I liked about this theory was the Sheriarty scene!Some of us really want this theory to be real but it is not because it was made by one of us:a Fan!Clearly,Moffat kind of gave us the pleassure to put a theory that could fit with us in this chap.And you gotta be honest maybe you haven´t made a FANFIC about Sherlock and Moriarty but you surely have read some of them if you are a cleary good fan of them!I really doubt that this is the real theory soo this one is DEFINETELY out of my list! Hahaha

Third Theory::

3° Sherlock tells Anderson the “REAL” theory

I couldn´t find any video showing just the Real Theory.So as you can see at the end f the Chap.Sherlock reveals how he survived but I think we all know that that is not the true theory and that they are not planning to show us the real one or maybe they will show it to us later,maybe series 4 or beginnings of series 5!We don´t know but i really doubt that is the Real Theory.


Ok we have a lot of reactions about this episode if I can guess correctly.Firstly,because we can see some cross feelings of Sherlock about Watson getting married to Mary.Watson named him the Bestman and since that episode we kind of noticed the abilities that Sherlock has for weddings and also we kind of started to notice about Mary,Sherlock at least started to suspect about her.Apart from that the wedding was amazing specially because of Sherlock´s Bestman speech!

So those were the epic moments of the episode and that made that episode quite good.Also we get to see Sherlock´s Future girlfriend (SPOILERS).But while Sherlock was making his best man speech he started suspecting about a crime Waston and him had already investigated but couldn´t find the responsible,so they were facing the same problem during the wedding.What i founded more interesting was the little kid that hugged Sherlock on the beginning because Sherlock made him kind of violent,started to show him murder pictures and all of that and then he promised to show him people headless and those kind of stuff,we kind of could see the next Sherlock Holmes!!

So basically for me this was the best episode of series 3!There were alot of things Sherlock noticed that could help him reveal other mysteries!and the next cap.reveals all of them,so you can´t watch the final episode if you hadn´t seen this one or the Empty Hearse,you know that if you don´t see them you don´t understand!And believe I couldn´t understant at first until I saw it like three times!!


Final Chap.of Sherlock Series 3!We gotta wait two years for the next season.It si like that image on TUMBLR:Doctor Who gets episodes whenever he wants,Merlin has no more episodes(he is the baby of the family who gets ignored) while Sherlock is the Rebel son of the BBC who gets grounded every time he offends or does something wrong and gets a new season 2 years later!It is like a family were BBC is in control!But anyway lets start with my last review of the last episode of the Season 3.

So basically,we get to see that Sherlock is solving a mystery and that while that he is drugged because of Watson abscense even if he denies it!This part was the best of the whole episode because Sherlock gets really funny and Watson takes Sherlock with Molly so she can kind of Snap him out!

So if we move on,i just going to tell you my opinions I am not going to tell you the whole episode!What I really liked from the last episode of series 3 : His Last Vow was the truth about Mary,well we don´t know exactly who is Mary and what did she do in the past but the part were Sherlock finally sees who Mary is,is just EPIC!tumblr_inline_myuiqvWoeQ1rabam8


Also,we see Sherlock´s mid palace!What is a mind palace?Well,is kind of an inside world of the person were he keeps all his memories or moments that make them stronger or help them with all the information they could need.Sherlock´s mind palace is all messed up,there are many people in different zones and everyone is everywhere!I think is like my room that it is all messy,clothes in one way,clothes in other way,well everywhere messy!And i figured it out that Sherlock is like a teenager that needs to clean his room.Anyway,Mary shot Sherlock because he had already figured out about her,but beccause she realize Sherlock was really important for Watson and how he is important to her,so she missed “because she wanted to”.

Remember Sherlock´s girlfriend?Well,she turned out to be a bitch!Hhaha..That is why I think Sherlock was suppose to like her,before he was shot by Mary he proposed to her,well “proposed” but we all know he loves Watson or Mollly;one of them.

Finally,the “NEW” villain just lasted like 30 minutes!Basically,because Sherlock killed him,really he shot him in the head because he told that Sherlock was a hero but he replied that he wasn´t,he said he was a psicopath!Ok,that makes sense!

And because Sherlok did this well,he kind of gets exiled from london!But we all know they can´t exile Sherlock,just because one little detail: MORIARTY IS BACK..


YEP,Ok!We are all now confused!So confused!Didn´t he shot himself?I mean,Sherlock has kind of a theory and we can all understand that he can be alive because of some evidence shown in some places but i mean MORIARTY??If you were confused people,well now you will be more MORE confused!

So for me series 3 was great but we need to wait two years more to see what happens with all of this: Moriarty alive, Mary´s past but most importantly how did Sherlock survived because the one that shows you on the impossible!Too simple!

And also i want to apologize for publishing so late but it is because it took me a while to write this and also analyze the complete season and find the videos because it is too difficult to find those kind of videos,but i founded them,also because of school and homework,but maybe this week i will have more time!Who knows,maybe i will start with the contests!HhHA just give me ssome time and I will be your favorite blogger! Hahaha





***Bleach 565:God Like You***

Hello guys:

Ok,this weeks manga was all about Ishida being with the bad guys!And guys in my opinion the manga is getting Better and BETTER!I mean we know that something big is going to happen between Ichigo and Ishida when Ichigo finds out about Ishida joining the bad guys,because if i am not wrong,no one knows that Ishida has joined the bad guys,beacause or they are fighting in Soul Society or the just do´t care about Ishida!

So in this chap.they kind of explain us Juha Bach´s life; how it all started ad also how this Juha Bach became what he is now! Most

Every bad boy starts being a little baby!

Every bad boy starts being a little baby!

importantly,they start explaining about how Juha Bach works!In other words,if any enemie or allie dies,Juha Bach kind of takes their soul away,kind of eats their soul!Everything they are or were becomes him or something like that!

Well,also know that Ishida in some momnt of the manga will take the place of the King!So,that means that Ichigo will fight Ishida,does this sound to you like Sasuke and Naruto?I am not saying that is the same,it is just that i kind of already knew that something like that would happen!Also,there will be many reasons for Ishida to fight Ichigo:He is a shinigami,he kind of hated him his hole life and more importantly about ORIHIME!I mean,he knows Orihime likes Ichigo and Ishida likes Orihime soooo we kind of put that as a reason to hate Ichigo.

So Ishida is the next sucessor,so that means he will have to fight Ichigo??Kind of Naruto and Sasuke uh?

So Ishida is the next sucessor,so that means he will have to fight Ichigo??Kind of Naruto and Sasuke uh?

So guys,the manga is becoming great we still have a long way and there is still enough time till theend comes,because one of the greatest mangas of all is coming to an end,I mean Naruto and it seems that it won´t take long (I think) till Bleach ends,I just hope it ends the way it deserves!

We really hope Ichigo and the others realize about Ishida soon because things are becoming more complicated than I thought they would become!

***Bleach 565: God Like You***


***Naruto Shippuden 662: The Real End!!***

Hello Guys:

Don´t let the title disappoint you!It is just the Real End of all hope the world hoped to have!Yes,if you have already read the manga you will notice that THE WHOLE WORLD is crying and wishing to die as soon as possible: Naruto and Sasuke are already DEAD!

Ok,now we really get to see a BADASS Byakugan!Cause,I mean Hinata is seeing inside of Naruto!!I don´t say this because I am a Naruhina,but I really think something will happen with Naruto and Hinata!

Ok,now we really get to see a BADASS Byakugan!Cause,I mean Hinata is seeing inside of Naruto!!I don´t say this because I am a Naruhina,but I really think something will happen with Naruto and Hinata!

Ok,lets review this new chapter: We really get to see Naruto and Sasuke dead!I mean this chapter was all about crying and hopig the impossible!Also,If you are reading this and you are also a NaruHina fan,you maybe would like to go and read the manga because there is a NaruHina moment in this chapter of the manga!I mean,I am  a NaruHina shipper and would really like this two to endtogether,but I really didn´t like this NaruHina moment in the manga,Firstly,because Hinata falls trying to reach out for Naruto who is being healed by Sakura and is slowly dying!Also,we get to see better the way the Byakugan works:Hinata really gets to see inside Nrauto with her Byakugan and it looks really cool.Also,after Hinata falls she asks for Neji´s help to save Naruto from dead,which request will become important in upcoming chapters.

Let´s not forget about Sasuke because he is also Dying!He was stabbed by Madara,and far from now just Karin noticed that he is dying but it won´t take a lot of time till Sakura realizes what is happening with Sasuke,or maybe Karin will be the one that saves Sasuke.If you wanna know what I think about all of this:is that sooner or later one of them has to REALLY die.Because they can´t die now,because the Tsukuyomi is still there somewhere and Madara is still causing problems,so we really need them to live!

I don´t know about you guys,but right now I am dying really REALLY Slowly!I never thought it will be soo sad when the moment came!"MY FEELS"

I don´t know about you guys,but right now I am dying really REALLY Slowly!I never thought it will be soo sad when the moment came!”MY FEELS”

I think I am speaking for some of you when I say that the last page of the manga was horrible.Not because we see Naruto and Sasuke already dead,but because of what you see on the bottom of the page: “The manga will take a break next week”!That message wanted to tell us that you can take a break to cry and think of all the possible ways this manga will end,and I think that the message shown below was a bad JOKE!

So,guys I just want to tell you my prediction about next chapter: I think that Tsunade will be the one that saves Naruto,just like Chiyo did with Gaara when Akatsuki killed him by taking off his bijuu away.What I mean is that Tsunade will meke the exact same Jutsu Chiyo made with Gaara and that probably will happen!Because,I mean Tsunade really appreciates Naruto and would do anything for him and also we need the Hokage spot to be available!!Jajaja!

Anyway guys,that is what i think will happen and feel free to tell your opinions below in the comments and if you read the manga be free to cry!

***Naruto Shippuden 662: The Real End

I lost my soul....

I lost my soul….


***Back from my little vacations!! and E-MAIL Function***

Hello Guys:

“WE HATE YOU!”,that is what you probably are saying in this moments because you didn´t receive any e-mail or notification about me and my blog,but I took some vacations before my first week of class and during that week!But i promised myself that i was going to be back,so here I AM!Don´t worry,I will never EVER let this blog vanish or disappears slowly while the years pass,but it if happens please remeber me and you can demand me to continue my blog and that:just send me an email or in a comment.


But more important,the only thing i want to tell you about this two weeks of disappointment is:


By the way,I will start using that email to receive things I will ask you;for example in a contest (drawings,photos,videos) anything that comes to your mind!This year will be pretty amazing with this new thing I am trying to do!So,if i ask you to send me things,send them to that e-mail!Also I can receive letters from you,comments,suggestions or whatever you want in there just send them (But i will not answer rude e-mails or offensive).


Well,adittionally;i want to tell you and ask you to check my blog constantly cause I am going to publish my REVIEWS,comments or reactions about what happened in our fandoms during the weeks i was missing,that includes Sherlock Season 3 Release & Final Episode,The Big Bang Theory chaps.,Doctor Who series 8 screenshots with Peter Capaldi and more and more that happended those weeks!!Anyway,Because I am a good person with you and you guys are with me I promise to stay online until the next vacations(July or August) publishing stuff and making you happy!So remember to check my blog from tomorrow on to find all the things you love!!



**** Let´s get this blog started!!! ****

***Matt-Week:Tribute Videos and Funny Moments***

Hey Guys:

Gonna Show you every video: Tribute Video or Funny Video about Matt Smith as the Doctor!Every video includes his moments with Karen Gillan,Arthur Darvill,Alex Kingston or Jenna Louis Coleman.I have founded many AWESOME Videos made by Fans to remember us when Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor!The videos I founded were pretty amazing so check them out!

If you want to ask me,That one was a Crack video,which are pretty great!Maybe I will post some tomorrow so you can check them out!But Later!This ones are just a few videos of the ones I consider the best!Some suggestions?Comment them!Share us your favorite videos of Matt Smith!

Doctor Who:Thank you Matt Smith made by TheFalloftheEleventh

That one was just touching!VERY TOUCHING! Even the user name is Touching and gives you the feels!!



The next video is the One that I consider like WOW!!So,check it out!I Think that this ones just like expresses perfectly the Doctor and so does the song!Because if you put attention to the lyrics it kind of has something related with The Doctor!But I consider there are very good videos out there but I thought this one was great!But of all The Tribute videos of Matt that I founded this was for me the Greatest!



Now comes the funny parts of his moments as the Eleventh Doctor! Doctor Who Season 5-7 Funny Moments and Bloopers!! =3


Unfortunately,I couldn´t Find any from the series 7!I think it is because it just ended and all of that stuff!Maybe I will find them later!But I got a question for you guys:”Did you ever watched the extra episodes??” about River and the Doctor and those stuff!?No?Well let me show them to you!They are 4 I think,about River,Amy,Rory and the Doctor and in one episode is about the Last Time the Doctor sees River,this mean The time when she has to go to the Library….Yep,Is touching and you are all going to die!

Well,those were before River went to the Library.







This ones are extra from season 5 or 6:

Mini episodes form season 7:

The Pond Life:

This are the extra episodes that included Matt Smith as the Doctor.If you wanna know my opinion,I think every EXTRA Mini episode was special and pretty important,maybe we don´t think that but if you kind of analyze them closely you might find some clues or maybe references with past episodes,or that is what at least I founded while watching them!

Anyway,every moment Matt was in front of a camera pretending to be the Doctor was special,and very amazing and unique!He was The Doctor playing the role of Matt Smith,because Matt Smith has become the Doctor in some way!You can say it by watching the interviews he had been to,every photo they take of him,video,poster etc.That is the Doctor playing the role of an amazing man!A man that made us laugh for 4 years or even more,a man that achieved his dreams and a man who left his mark on the history of this amazing T.V show that has become a legend and will continue to be a legend,because there is no Sci-Fi show that you can compare with other!Doctor Who is Unique,The stoy Line is Unique,The Doctor is Unique,The actors are Unique and every single person that watches that show is UNIQUE!And is Thanks to people like Matt Smith that we are who we are!Thank you Matt Smith,as others,yo have made us UNIQUE!

Thank You Matt Smith ❤

(Made by the Tardis Archives)

Thank you Matt Smith….Your Adventures are just beginning….






***Matt-Week:Matt Smith Interview ,Top Gear Lap and EXTRA***

Hey guys:

Lets continue with our Matt week before New Years Night!!So,I am going to publish Interviews made to Matt Smith,Funny Moments,Reasons why he is awesome and wonderful and more!!So hold on you seats because we will start remembering our dear Matt Smith and his greatest moments as the Doctor in the TARDIS!

So this video is about his interview and lap in “TOP GEAR”.Have you seen other chaps.of this series??Well,Matt Smith is not the first to be in Top Gear,The first one to be in Top Gear was Christopher Eccleston then Billie Piper,David Tennant and then Matt Smith and I don´t know if Jenna has been in Top gear,but it will be great because they have like a little competition between each one!They all want to beat or kind of make a better time than BILLIE!so is quite fun!!haha

Also I have some Matt Smith interviews!!Enjoy them!!OMG!Some of them just make him the best!

And I remember I watched this AND Absolutely Loved it!!Jenna and Matt were doing their Christmas Shopping for each other!!And I just loved the store where they were buying those presents!!It was great!



***Liebster Award Nomination: FrikiOrgullosa13!!***

Hey Guys:

Ok!Big news!!OMG!I was nominated for an award:Liebster Award!And I want really,really to thank Otaku Orbit for nominating me to the Liebster Award,I really appreciate it!Thank you!!!You are really helping me to make my blog even better!!

matt yeii+

If you are asking yourselves “What is this awesome LiebsterAward our AWESOME Blogger was just nominated for”? Well,good you ask because I will answer this Impossible question for you!

What is the Liebster Award??LiebsterAward

Well the Liebster award,is an AWARD (obviously,daa?) given to Future BIG bloggers who have less than 200 followers!Isn´t that sweet??I mean you may have 30 followers or less,but your blog is considered awesome and they give you and award!!!That is so sweet!!And I am included on the nominations!!Yeii!

So,is a contest so there are rules so you can basically see what to do if you are nominated for a Liebster Award:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers
4. Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of your nomination
5. Give your nominees 11 questions to answer

So because I was nominated to The Liebster Award thanks to Otaku Orbit (again,THANKS!!!) it is time for me to answer the questions!Ok,here we go!

  1. Whats your favorite Anime and/or Manga series? 
  • Answer: That´s a difficult one!Uhm,my favorite Anime is Inuyasha but my favorite Manga,uhm,I don´t know because I like Naruto and Bleach!So I only have a favorite Anime and Manga is Naruto/Bleach,Hehehe.
  1. Whats the most played song on your Ipod?
  • Answer: The most played song in my Ipod is “Want U bad” from R5
  1. If you could travel through time or travel through space which would you choose?
  • Answer: I would absolutely travel through Time,The idea of travelling through time in a magic Blue Box as The TARDIS is just exciting!I would definetely travel through Time
  1. If you could be the best athlete in any sport which sport would you choose?
  • Answer: Soccer,I really like soccer,but just playing it!
  1. If you could live in any fictional universe which would it be?
  • Answer: Uhm,another tough answer!But,I got to say “Doctor Who Universe”.I have been dreaming about being the Doctor´s companion.Didn´t I mention it?I want to be an actress and become the Doctor´s companion!!That will be my inspiration of becoming an actress,that will be my finish line!!
  1. What was the hardest thing you had to learn?
  • Answer: Learning French! It was awful!!I could get the tenses right or write a good story or something without making any mistakes!!It was awful!But I finally accomplished it,so it feels quite great!!
  1. What’s the best part of being a blogger? What’s the worst?
  • Answer: Wow!There are alot of positive things about being a blogger!But for me the best part is when I receive  notification that i have a new follower or that someone has commented on my post,everytime someone follows me or comments feels awesome and lets me know that what I write people like it,makes me want to write more and more,and I think that the best part of being a blogger is that,the people that start to follow you,is the people who makes blogs continue being awesome!
  • I really don´t think there is a bad thing of being a blogger!It is fun,but if there is something I don´t like is everytime I don´t have enough time or the pressure of publishing on time!!That is bad,but not the worst thing!I am a blogger and I like every single thing of it!
  1. Do you play video games? If so which genre is your favorite?
  • Answer: Absolutely!!!I love playing videogames!!My favorite genre will be Action and Fiction!Kind of Naruto Shippuden Storm Saga,Assassins Creed Saga,The Walking Dead and those stuff!Although I kind of like Horror games,but when I am playing them I am like with all my room lights turned on,and with music (happy music) and with a worried/horror/criying expression in my face!!Hhaha is quite difficult for me to complete a horror videogame!
  1. If you can transform into one animal at will which one would it be?
  • Answer: If I could transform into an animal,I would like to transform into a Hummingbird.I like them so much,and people apparently loves them to!Also they eat sugary things and I love sugary things!So i would like to transform into a Hummingbird!
  1. Which “weapon” would you choose? A wand from Harry Potter, A lightsaber from Star Wars, or the  sonic screwdriver from Dr. Who?
  • Answer: I would really like to have a Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who!I mean,I have one already but I want one that really opens everything you want!Well,except Wood..or Turkey,because NOTHING does Turkey!Hehehe


  1. Do you see yourself blogging in 3 years?
  • Answer: That is an easy question!!Of course!!I would love to continue blogging for a long LONG time!I mean this is my third/fourth month?And look at me now!!I am here,aswering questions for a nomination,and having everyday more and more Followers!!I mean,this is amazing!Obviously I am going to continue Blogging!!I love blogging and love writing so,I see myself blogging for a VERY LONG TIME!


Well,And now it is time to show MY nominations for the Liebster Award:

So here are my questions guys:

  1. Who is your favorite Manga/Anime Character?
  2. Which is your favorite rock band?
  3. Which is your favorite animated Disney/Dreamworks movie?
  4. What is your most precious treasure?
  5. Have you ever thought of giving up on blogging?Yes/No?Why?
  6. Which is your favorite Sci-fi T.v show?
  7. What are you MOSTLY afraid of?
  8. Would you like to be on a Apocalipsis Zombie?Who would you like to be on your team (10 people)?What would be your massive weapon?And where would you like to be when it happens?
  9. Which is your favorite T.V actor/actress?
  10. What would you like to be : Timelord/Wizard/Detective/Ninja/Soul Reaper/Demon/Hobbit?
  11. Which is your favorite Book genre?And which book do you like the most?


Soo here are you questions guys!Wish you luck answering and hope you like them(the questions)And from blogger to blogger,You are wonderful!

For me,what matters the most of writing a blog is the people!I like to publish because I love you so much guys and I want to give you the best of the BEST!!Thank you for all your support because of you I am writing this post,because If you weren´t there,serching for my blog,sharing it with others and commenting I couldn´t be able to post everyday (well,everytime i get time to publish)!So thak you guys,because of you I am here in my blog!And this nomination is not just for my blog,but because you are part of the commmunity that is this blog then you are nominated too!!Thank you soo much!!Love you! Congratulations!



***Raggedy Man,Goodnight***

Hey Guys:

Fisrt publish for Matt-Week!Video made by Primevalrocx.Great Video for Matt Smith for his last hour.Enjoy and hold all your tears.

Extra Video made by PoisonDesiresx “Raggedy Man,Goodnight”

Honestly they are a lot of great Videos so if you want to check them out I will Put you the links below.But I considered this two,the best videos of all!Raggedy Man,Goodnight..

So,Maybe all this videos made you cry,because they made ME cry!But,when i was watching them I realized and remembered this part of The Time of the Doctor Behind the scenes,were Matt starts to cry (and so does Jenna!!):








If you want to cry more after you saw this here is the video were you can see this whole reaction and how they made the Time of the Doctor:Last Day on set for Matt Smith ❤



***Matt-Week:Matt Smith special weekend!!***

Hey guys::

Well,we will start today our special Matt Smith weekend because he deserves a special week full of love and remembering all Matt Smith´s fantastic Moments,wonderful and funny moments while he was as The Doctor,still he is the Doctor,but I mean we all love him and we know that he deserves a special Weekend!!


So,first I will be serching some Matt Smith things,videos and stuff!!For our great Raggedy Man!!And this will be awesome!!So,guys if you got any suggestions about special videos,images or something else to publish,just leave a comment below and then I will check it and publish!!!SO LET´S START!


***Happy Birthday Ross Shor Lynch!!!***

Hey guys:

Passing by to say and wish a happy birthday to ross Lynch!!!Have a wonderful day!!I wish you the best for you and your whole family!!!Love you so much!!!I mean,who doesn´t love you that much???!!!Hahaha!!Huge fan!!Have an amazing day,full of love and joy!!!I LOVE YOU!!

Yeah,i love him!I am a girl,I like him,He is hot and sexy,also he is such nice with people so DEAL WITH IT!


tumblr_myjna8PZd41spasngo1_250 tumblr_myjna8PZd41spasngo2_250






***Bad News!!Sorry,no posts today!!***

Hey guys:

I just wanted to deliver you guys a little message that I won´t be able to post nothing today!Remember I told you that I was going to make an special Matt Smith weekend!?Well,I have some problems now and i won´t be able to do it,so instead i will do it this whole week;MOnday-Friday!!Great Week for Matt Smith!!

So again,i will not publish at all today but tomorrow we start a special weekend for Matt Smith!!And about yesterday,I had some problems because i am decorating my apartment and blablabla,so time wasn´t enough!!!So sorry guys!!But i will make sure to give you a special Matt-week!!Have Fun and sorryy again!!!!


***The Time of the Doctor: REVIEW!!***

Hey Guys:

How are you doing?Have you already seen the Christmas Special of Doctor who:The Time of the Doctor??Yes??Well,it is time for a Review of the Chap.So that means that this post will be kind of long and also will include a lot,LOTS of tears!!So,lets start shall we?

hr_Doctor_Who_-_The_Time_of_the_Doctor_6 Lets start from the beginning.I think you all thought that the Cyberman head in the  Doctor´s Tardis was captured by him!That he destroyed a cybermen and that the  evil cyberman face was,basically evil!But,then we founded out that it was a cute,and  good cyberman head and I really liked it!Well,apparently the Doctor was seeking for  a message that was received by the cyberman head and that was taken by it into  every spaceship around him:Dalek ship,Sontaran Ship,Cyberman ship and more.

While all of that,Clara is preparing the Christmas dinner for her family and she  requieres the Doctor for a special mission: be her boyfriend!I published that clip  on  another post so if you want to see all of that,then check out my previous posts  on my  blog.Well,after he accepted,Clara hears the sound of the Tardis and finds the Doctor    in the Tardis,Naked.Ok,I want to start reviewing from this point:I have read some articles or reviews about this part of the  chap.These articles or posts say that showing a Doctor naked and requiering to be naked in church is,stupid,or that childish nudity jokes stopped being funny,and that they are stupid or incoherent,but my opinion or the way I see it is another.Maybe some of you think the same thing:that this year Christmas Special was awful or the jokes they showed in there were childish and stupid.Ok,maybe the nudity thing was not funny for everyone but that is the sense of humor showed in Doctor Who,because if you know we are talking about outerspace traditions or ways of doing things and that is what I think Steven Moffat tried to do.And the way I see it,it is the Doctor´s kind of humor or way of doing things and also it kind of brings some style,so in my opinion it wasn´t so bad the jokes about nudity,and if you think it better in none part they showed Clara and The Doctor naked together,like in the same room,naked.The script says that they are naked in the scene,but the only one that was showed naked was Matt Smith and at least for me,it was great,It doesn´t bothers me if i got to see the Doctor naked and I kind of think that Matt Smith didn´t bother either!Hahaha!Or what do you think guys?Did you think that seen the Doctor naked or those nudity jokes were offensive???

Anyway after we see that and the Doctor is explained about everything that is happening ,he goes to the town called Christmas.I don´t know if you think this guys but when the Doctor decided that he wanted to save Clara and cheated her by taking her with theDoctorWho3 Tardis into her actual time,did you also think that it was the same thing that happened with Rose Tyler??I mean,I kind of liked it that he made exactly the same thing as he did with Rose,because it shows or it kind of lets us know that Clara is as important as all his past companions and that maybe she really has the same,close and beatiful relationship as Rose had with the Doctor while she was with him.I mean, it is the second time we see the Doctor doing this for his companion and I am not saying that he might love her but it kind of shows an affection for her just like Rose or other companion,because there were some people that said that Clara  wasn´t so important for the Doctor as others but I think that she is,on my opinion the most important companion or person on the whole T.V show,not because she rescued and saved the Doctor billions of times,but because of her the whole Future of the Doctor changed and if you analize the Christmas Special of this year,it was because of Clara that the Doctor could regenerate,I mean she spoke to the Crack in the wall,and because of this The Doctor could regenerate! What would have happened if Clara hadn´t spoken to the Crack?!

Lets continue.When Clara is attacked by Tasha Lem,The Doctor says that Tasha is not a “proper” woman and that she is not compared to Clara,who is a proper woman,or the definition of woman,some people say,some of them woman,that that line was offensive or something like that.First of all,The Doctor told that to Tasha Lem so she kind of could fight the  Dalek that she had inside her,so for me wasn´t offensive,it was a way to cheer Tasha Lem up.Also,another thing do you remember the Truth field?Well,Clara admitted that she just started to travel with the Doctor because she fancied him,but I think that that wasn´t just Clara,I mean we can also say that some of the companions had that on their mind “I am just with him because he is hot” but I think that it can take as a contributive factor,but Donna traveled with him because she wanted something different in her life and not because she fancied him and that what some people think that Moffat tried to say in this part of the show,which it isn´t true!Maybe he put that on the script to make a funny part,but just that!It does not say that every companion did that!I mean,maybe Clara first thought about travellling with the Doctor was “He is cute” but if we kind of see her reactions in other chaps.we get to see that Clara is now travelling with the Doctor because of the wonders that he shoes to her,not because she likes him,we even get to see that th Doctor doesn´t like her and Clara doesn´t fancy him,so I think that those kind of comments are irrelevant.

Also,I saw another post about negative things about woman in the show that Moffat wrote about in the Special: They said that the Doctor was flirted by Tasha Lem while he was doing his job and that this was kind of the “Stereotypical Moffat woman”.Ok,lets analyze this: The Doctor Flirts with every woman she finds sexy,so Tasha Lem flirtling with him is not a surprise,we don´t know how many woman the Doctor had have a realtionship with but we kind of found out during the series and we will continue founding out,so people,don´t say that Tasha Lem is the stereotypical woman,it is a Sci-Fi show about an Alien that travels through time and space,so that means that he will have a lot of relationships!!And also let me remind you,that Steven Moffat also created other type of woman: Rose Tyler,Martha Jones,Donna Noble,Amelia Pond,River song,etc. and that River song is kind of similar to Tasha!!So there are many kind of woman,and Tasha is not a sterotypical woman,she is just another character that flirts with the Doctor just like others we have seen in Doctor Who,but that is my opinion!

Well,now it is time to get to the sad part of the chap.The Doctor becoming old.So the Doctor decided to stay for 300 years protecting the people of Christmas,we get to see him age and fixing toys (Kind of expected he will work with toys).Well,we also got to see the drunk giraffe shown in Amelia´s and Rory´s weeding,so making the Doctor do that again really gives you the fells!!


But that wasn´t the worst part,the part that made all of us cry was when Clara gets to see the Doctor one more time before he finally dies,For Clara this is a  sad moment because she only knew him a little,she didn´t know him as the other companions the Doctor had been travelling with so for her is kind of sad  and horrible,I mean for all of us is horrible.When the Doctor starts to face his enemies and Clara finishes Doctor-Who-The-Time-Of-The-Doctor-old-doctor talking with the Crack,the Doctor gets the chance to  regenerate thanks to the Crack that apparently gives  him the power to regenerate.But sad things don´t finish  here,things are just starting,you know that you can´t be  that close to a Time Lord while he is regenerating,well  he uses the energy from the regeneration to shoot every ship down.Well,lets skip  all of these battle,Clara already knows that every time the Doctor regenerates The  Doctor changes his face so she kind of knew that when she passed the TARDIS  doors she would found a whole new man and a whole new face.

NOW,LADIES AND GENTLEMEN the moment that we were all crying for: THE ELEVENTH´s DOCTOR REGENERATION!You are allowed to cry as much as you want!

Ok,we are all crying right now!!My god,I never thought that the Eleventh´s regeneration was going to be so emotional and sad!My god we got to see again AMELIA POND!And seeing her again is OMG!!I just can´t,I am so sad!!Really I cried like 2 days!!And i will STILL CRYING!!MOffat is a genious but he makes me so sad!!Amelia Pond and The Doctor!Really,if amelia hadn´t married Rory I would have liked them as a couple,maybe as wife or something but that was sooo sad!I mean,the Doctor really loved Amelia soo badly!!There love is even a better love story than Twilight!Or Rose and The Doctor!!I don´t know,but I will tell you something,now that I am writing this I am crying so badly!!It is not fair,I really like Peter Capaldi but I is MATT SMITH!!OMG!!I am so dying!


So anyway guys,I think this Christmas Special was EXTREMELY AWESOME!!It was full of jokes and sad moments and also I think it is a good way and a good farewell for Matt Smith!Because Matt Smith was so in his character that I think that we will always love him.He is a great guy,he is a person full of love,happiness,energy,he is a man that loves what he does and loves everyone he is with!And I will tell you.that everytime I saw Doctor Who and Matt was there I was feeling full of happiness and joy,he just makes me happy.Now that he is gone,things might change a little bit but I also have seen the t.v shows Peter Capaldi has worked on,and he really does a great job,so I think he will be a great Doctor.

Obviously,we will see a whole new face,a whole new way of doing things,a whole new way of talking but it doesn´t matter who does the role of the Doctor what really matters is that the show continuous and will hopefully continue for a long time.Also I got another thing to say guys,please don´t start publishing bad comments about Peter Capaldi being the New Doctor,because you hacen´t seen him yet and it might be better than you think,so people First watch then comment!Do you remember when David Tennant left the show and Matt Smith started?I remember everyone was saying that Matt Smith wasn´t that great and that they wanted David Tennant back,that they hated Matt Smith or something!But look at us now,we love Matt Smith and we don´t want him to leave,so we are starting to say the same things we did with Matt Smith,then when Peter Capaldi leaves we will say the same things over and over again!So,As i said it doesn´t matter who drives the TARDIS,we will love him/her (who knows) anyway!!

Matt Smith,I know that You will never read this,but if you do (which will not be) I just want to say what we all whovians would say,that we love you so much!You were and will always be Our Doctor!Maybe you stopped using your Bowtie and calling yourself the Doctor,but you will always be the Doctor!!You don´t need a bowtie!!You are the Doctor and will be always the Doctor!If i get to see you on the street I will shou “Hey Doctor” or “What´s up Doctor” because for me you are the best and don´t feel sad if you are not anymore in Doctor Who,because you will always be The Doctor in the inside!

We love you so much!!But now is time for you to stop,it is time for the Eleventh Doctor to finally rest,you have done so much,we will always remember you as the man who fought till his last breath and the man who never left a town that needed him.Thank you for everything Doctor,thank You Matt Smith..

Raggedy Man…..GOODNIGHT












P.S.: This two days: Saturday and Sunday will be specially dedicated to Matt Smith and his days as the Doctor!A great weekend for a           great man.







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***Bleach 563: Death and Strawberry***

Hey Guys:

I really hate the Super Hero villain that Renji is fighting!He really makes me mad and is awful!I hate those type of villains,there are so ridiculous!They like get their super powers with so ridiculous explanations or situations like this guy!He gets on my nerves!If I had to fight a enemy like that and if I won,I would cut him in little pieces!!!And I would like be SUPER Happy!Poor Renji,really POOR OF HIM!

This guy really gets on my nerves!!!I hate him with all my anger!!

This guy really gets on my nerves!!!I hate him with all my anger!!

I really hope Renji wins!!Please Renji,you have to win in the next chapter!Anyway,we see also that Renji kind of gets a new Super power!Well,a new BLADE!I am telling you guys,Renji really wants to be like Ichigo!He looks exactly like him!I mean,a new blade?Just like Ichigo?Hahah we really are seeing a huge copy of Ichigo´s power.Renji is really my new favorite character!!Hahaha!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,Renji´s new Power!!!OMG!

Ladies and Gentlemen,Renji´s new Power!!!OMG!


***Naruto Shippuden 660:The Hidden Heart***

Hey Guys:

Naruto´s manga this week was pretty awesome!At least that is what I think,because we finally see a close relationship between Shukaku and Gaara.We see why Shukaku hated so much Garaa,because he kind of considered it as the other people he had been guarded by.Also,we see that the Beasts somehow has a relationship with the Sage of The Six Paths,maybe he was the owner of all of them or something like that.We know that Madara´s purpose is to have all Beasts and believe it or not he accomplishes it!


As you see in the imag,he has the 9 Beasts on his power,also Naruto and Bee.But things start to get worst after that,not because it seems that Madara is going to get what he wants,it is because what happens next.


The Nine Tailed Fox is now owned by Madara!What will Happen next?!Will Naruto really die?!

OMG!Naruto has no longer KURAMA!I did not expected this!I REALLY did not expected this!But if you see the other pages of this weeks manga,it seems that Gaara will have some important apperance!I mean,he will definetely become a hero in some part of the manga!What do you think?

***Naruto Shippuden Manga 660: The Hidden Heart








***No posts of the Time of the Doctor till TOMORROW!!***

Hey guys:

For those who haven´t seen the Christmas Special:The Time of The Doctor,I will not start publishing till tomorrow about the Christmas Special,so don´t worry guys,I will not publish anything that could spoil you,until tomorrow!Well,to tell you the truth,I haven´t seen the Christmas Special yet and I have been spoiled by my friends and by social networks and web pages as TUMBLR!Because,WARNING;if you own a Tumblr account and you also have Doctor posts and stuff,Tumblr is now full of Spoilers and you will suffer so much!I already did!



I cried like 5 hours when i saw a gif from the Eleventh´s regeneration!My god is so awful!

So,don´t worry guys,i will not publish anything about the Christmas special,till tomorrow!Yep,you can all Love me!!


***Sherlock Holmes Mini Episode: Many Happy Returns-Series 3***

Hey Guys:

Woke up this morning and remembered: “OMG,Sherlock´s Mini Episode,MUST SEE” so i finished seeing it and decided to share it with you guys.AMAZING I mean we all know that Sherlock didn´t die because they showed it to us in the last Chap.of Series 2 when he was seeing Watson visiting “Sherlock´s Grave” that was a sign.But now that I watched this i just..I was-I mean I-OMG..I was telling me all the time FUCK,FUCK,FUCK!I mean guys the moment you see this chap.You know he is alive,they start putting Sherlock´s Theme song everytime he appears in the episode,we can´t see him like Face to Face but we know he is there because of the theme song and it is EXCITING!Well,i was like Watson or like watson is going to be when he Figures out that Sherlock´s is alive “You sick bastard”!But I am very excited.


Anyway,I don´t want to tell you more SPOILERS so you better watch it!It is amazing and you will absolutely do not know how to react,I mean i just stayed there doing nothing after I saw it,I was shocked!!I mean,It takes your breath away!




***Shingeki No kyojin:Live Action Movie-Is it true???***

Hey guys:

I know that they have been some rumors about a Shingeki No kyojin:Live Action Movie and that the whole world is saying that they will start filming on the 2014 and they expect the movie to be released in 2015,but to tell you the truth guys I don´t really think there will be a movie and I really hope they don´t release it,I mean we have seen Live Actions of so many Animes and we all know that it ends wrong!Ok,we really get excited about the idea but then when it is time to search for the cast and the scripbook writer and everything,it just goes wrong!An example is Dragon Ball Adaptation and Avatar:The Last Airbender.In Dragon Ball the whole story was COMPLETELY WRONG!!EVERYTHING!And in The Last Airbender the script was WRONG as the People who were suppose to be Katara and Aang and Soka!I mean the soka from the movie had more Ponytail than in the cartoon!And the people of the water tribe was fair skinned and the people from the fire nation were almoned skinned,COMPLETELY DIFFERENT,it is so in the other way!So I really hate Live action movies!They make everything wrong!

They released a POSTER of the movie and some people believed that it was the Official Movie Poster,which is NOT,it is just a FANMADE,an INCREDIBLE,GOOD AND AWESOME FANMADE Poster!


This poster is really good and if they are really going to make a movie,they should use it and pay the person who did it,that would be good.And also they have been discussing and publishing images from the famous people they would like to see in the big screan as the characters of the Live action.For example they want  Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters) to be Eren in the movie,which in my opinion would be a good idea which I think he looks a little bit like Eren.




If they are going to make a movie they should choose some of this people or maybe others but they should really choose them carefully because we are talking about making a HUGE,GREAT,FANTASTIC MANGA into a movie  and we know that Hollywood has never got good comments and opinions when they make this kind of movies.Anyway,I really don´t think all those articles telling that they will make a Live action are true,because if they were true I think that we would have already seen on hollywood T.v. shows or those kind of shows mentioning it or even talking about it so don´t believe everything they say on the Internet or other people,I will only start believing until I see an OFFICIAL TRAILER or OFFICIAL CAST FOR THE MOVIE,or maybe until i see it announced on the T.V.

But I will tell you guys…They are going to make that movie OVER MY DEAD BODY!


***Doctor Who Clip: “I need a Boyfriend”***

Hey guys:

New clip from the Time of the Doctor!Clara asks the Doctor to be her imaginary boyfriend which he does not denies to be,he quickly says yes!!Ok,I am now shipping Clara and The Doctor,I don´t know why but I really hope they become a couple or just wanna be!But now that won´t be possible because of the NEW DOCTOR but maybe something will happen we don´t know!

Hilarious!!!Hahaha Clara has the Doctor as her new BOYFRIEND!I wonder what will happen when Clara actually meets a guy that becomes her boyfriend!!!I mean I don´t know if he will be jealous but I remember when Martha told Donna that she was engaged the Doctor Kind of become a little bit jealous!I wonder if something like that will happen with the New Doctor!Aren´t you wondering what will happen next series between Clara and The Doctor?I mean maybe it becomes kind of Rose/Doctor Relationship because if my memory doesn´t cheats me I think Clara will be one of the few people that have seen the Doctor regenerate!What do you think will happen after that?

But it doesn´t matter what happens after the end of the Doctor,because what really,really matters is…THAT THE DOCTOR IS REGENERATING AND THAT WE ALL WHOVIANS WILL D-I-E!!!

tumblr_mxnhpnGche1rv0fbdo2_500   tumblr_mxnhpnGche1rv0fbdo1_500

***My Doctor Who Fan Video:The Story of The Doctor´s Life***

Hey Guys:

I don´t Know if  I ever mentioned to you that i was going to give you all a surprise of Doctor Who.If I didn´t then…SURPRISE!I made my own Doctor Who Fan Video to celebrate the 50th anniversary and Matt Smith´s Farewell.I really liked it so I hope you guys like it too!It took me a while but I finally finished,published on Youtube and started to share it with other Doctor Who Fans,so this is my surprise and hope you enjoy it:

So,did you liked it?Hope you did!It really took me a while and a lot of effort!I mean i had to choose the best parts of the whole series to include in my video and it is not easy!Also i had to make that the effects were O.K. and also that difficult part where the music was along with the video,that one was difficult,took me like 2 hours!But I really enjoyed it!

The music is from One Direction (The Story of my Life),I don´t like 1D but I really like that song,I am not a fan of 1D but I liked the song.And the purpose of the video was to celebrate the 50th anniversary but also it was specially dedicated to Matt Smith´s Farewell,because as you noticed most of the video has scenes from series 5-7,were we can see as Matt Smith as the Doctor,so you can say that it was a gift for him!


So guys,If you liked it,SHARE IT AND COMMENT!Please!!Also if you wanna suscribe to my Youtube Channel check in my menu: “About-Hobbies” there you can find the links to my Youtube channel so as my Tumblr profile!So enjoy it and Follow!


***Four Days till the Time of the Doctor***

Hey Guys:

Just here to remember you that the day to suffer is close,if you know what I mean.The BBC always celebrates Christmas in an awful way,making fandoms cry and suffer and by that they make Christmas like Halloween or something worst than anything,it is nothing like Christmas,it is worst than anything!That is the reason why I hate this season of the year!I mean,they could make Christmas Happy and try not to kill someone important and that we love so much,Could they do that?


Anyway,we all know that Christmas will be a nightmare and that we will all suffer in a non human way!Specially because again one of the Doctors we all love the most is again leaving the show!I remembered that when David Tennant left the show we were all suffering and wishing dead to Steven Moffat and Russell T.Davies.Also we were saying that the next Doctor was going to be the worst and that we were all going to hate him,he was nothing compared to David and Blablabla!But look at us now,we love Matt Smith and I can bet that some of you are saying the same things after David left!You don´t want to see Peter Capaldi take the lead!But that is normal,happens all the time and will continue in the future when Peter Capaldi gets replaced!So is kind of a tradition to fell that way,because we keep doing it!But what I think is that no matter who does the role of The Doctor we will all keep loving him or her (you don´t know maybe he can become a SHE)


This is how we were in the second chap.of Matt Smith:


This will be us on THE TIME OF THE DOCTOR:


So don´t worry guys,I think that Matt Smith will have a great last Doctor Who episode and that episode will make us remember hima as one of the greatest Doctors of all time and Peter Capaldi replacing him will be hard for us,I know it will be,but as always we will continue watching the show because we love it and will always love it!And if you want to know my opinion of Peter Capaldi as a Doctor I just have to say that he will be FUCKING FANTASTIC!


***Doctor Who Christmas Special: “It doesn´t do Turkey”***

Hey Guys:

I founded a new clip from the Christmas Special of Doctor Who and is kind of Great!!The Doctor is in another family Christmas party as he was with Rose and her family!This time is Clara´s family!I wonder what they will say the whole family when they meet the Doctor,considering that they think the Doctor is Clara´s boyfriend which then will be weird because Peter Capaldi will be the next Doctor and he will be too old for Clara and will sound weird to tell everybody that he is her boyfriend……..Now that I am telling it,I am imagining everything and it seems weird!Hahaha

They are so many apps in his Screwdriver but none of his apps does Turkey nor Wood!I really hope his next Screwdriver unless does Turkey!It would be so useful!Anyway,Have you wondered how will the Doctor´s screwdriver will be the next season?Will it stay the same or change!?So if you kind of have an Idea,tell us: How do you think it will be the next Doctor´s screwdriver?


***Matt Smith Naked in Doctor Who Christmas Special***

Hey Guys:

A few minutes ago I was checking around TUMBLR and the moment I saw the new images from the Christmas Special of Doctor Who I started to shout all around the house,but also my face became Really,Really RED!!I could see most of Matt Smith´s Body and don´t judge me Guys,I am a girl and that happens to girls like me and even to boys.So maybe you will also feel the same as me:

tumblr_my0zmrJuBD1r9zeo4o1_r1_500 tumblr_my0zmrJuBD1r9zeo4o2_r1_500


Ok in this scene every HUMAN BEING who loves him will shout in a rough way!!I mean is MATT SMITH NAKED and we will be as shocked as clara is in the scene!I will like to work with Matt Smith naked,I mean Jenna Louis is seeing him naked and so did Billie Piper in Secret Diary of a call Girl.I mean,he has to be so hot and perfect for two woman seeing him naked in a Tv Show and I am sure that he is hot!

I am so gonna shout in this scene!I said so,I am a girl and this is our normal reaction when we see a Doctor naked!!I am soo gonna shout and cry in this special and I bet that the idea of being naked was Matt´s!!I bet it was his idea!!It has to be and I think is the perfect ending for him!!I mean David was naked once and now is Matt´s turn!!so bring it on!!Hahaha


***How to Train Your Dragon 2: OFFICIAL Trailer***

Hey Guys:

I founded the OFFICIAL Trailer of How to Train Your Dragon 2.Nowadays,people love to see second chapters of a movie,and I am not saying all second chapters are good,some of them are awful like they wanted to make a second chapter of The Last Airbender which in my opinion is a bad idea!The First Movie was awful,and I mean all of it.

So they are going to make a second chap of the movie How to Train Your Dragon and I am kind of excited because it looks quite great and cute!!I mean I was very little when I watched it (I think.haha).Anyway here is the New Trailer,Enjoy It:


And here are also Sneeks Peaks from the Movie:

I am waiting for this movie,are you also waiting for it?


***The Time of the Doctor:Extended Trailer***

Hey Guys:

Founded the Extended Trailer of the Day of the Doctor and basically the Trailer are just Tears and more Tears!

I am Dying slowly and quietly!!Ok this is just being mean,MEAN!They keep spoiling us with sad moments instead with happy moments like I don´t know,THE NEW TARDIS for example!!I mean why they have to be so mean with all of us!There is no need to make us cry!!!


Well,I really expect a great Farewell for Matt Smith and a great episode for him.I just hope he had a great time in the show and make him Know that we will always remember him and that we will never forget him!NEVER!!WE LOVE MATT SMITH!!

Hope you have a Wibbly Wobbly Life….


***The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Gets Drunk!…..Again***

Hey Guyss:

I saw the last chap from the Big Bang Theory yesterday:OMG! We finally get to see Sheldon drunk….AGAIN and touching Amy´s Butt!Yep,he touched Amy´s butt,just like she wanted to!

I really enjoyed this much.The gang is celebrating Thanksgiving Day at Howard´s Mom house,so Bernadette invites his dad at the dinner so he could have a closer relationship with Howard,but everything starts to fail after Sheldon gets to the Dinner with the rest of the gang and starts to talk about how his dad never shared a moment with him not even a beer,so Bernadettes Father shares a beer with him until Sheldon gets really drunk and he starts to do everything he wouldn´t do in his whole life!



Meanwhile,we discover that Penny is married to zack(the weird guy she used to date) and Leonard gets Mad about it and tells Penny to get the annulment,but insted she invites Zack over to the House and he decides to sign the annulment and stay for dinner.Basically he just wanted to eat!

Anyway the chap.was great!I really loved it and if you want to watch it,they will be tunning the chap. constantly during this week,so you will have plenty of chances to watch it and i know you want to watch it,I MEAN IS SHELDON GETTING DRUNK…AGAIN!!

Anyway,I love Sheldon so basically evey chap for me is the best!


***Doctor Who:Time of the Doctor TV Trailer***

Hey Guys:

I just saw this new TV Trailer from The Christmas Special of Doctor Who and I started to die slowly!Have you seen it??Noo??Let me show you my suffering in a horrible TV Trailer!!

Why is there a hand of a skeleton on the Tv Trailer???!!Why!??Someone please Tell Me!!This is too much!I mean are they trying to make us cry or are they just being mean!!!??



I mean,Christmas is going to be the worst day of my life! I AM GOING TO HATE CHRISTMAS AFTER THIS!My god i used to have a lot of Christmas Spirit but the BBC is taking it away!



I know we are all going to hate Christmas After the special!!WE ARE ALL GOING TO BECOME THE GRINCH!!I really going to miss Matt Smith!I never thought i would be so in love with him!!That never happened to me before…not even with a normal guy from my school!I will be with someone unless he is cute,intelligent and LOVES DOCTOR WHO and all that I love and publish in this blog….Ohh,and also that he is MATT SMITH!!Only if he is like that I will date him!!BUT RIGHT NOW I AM DYING!

I am soo gonna hate my life after this!


***Bleach 562: The Villain II***

Hey Guys:

Bleach manga this week I consider it was amazing!I think it was time to give Renji a little bit of hero time!I don´t know if you haven´t noticed but Renji is kinda pretending to act like Ichigo!I mean,he looks like him,acts like him and it is hilarious!If you see todays manga you will notice,I mean there is a part in the manga where Renji has kinda of the same suit Ichigo used once,I don´t know it made me laugh and it was kinda funny!Hahaha

Ok ,Bleach manga for me it is becoming really Interesting more than others but I think it is going to last a while so we will be expecting the best of it.

But the last manga with that super hero!OMG I hate that guy he is sooo..PATHETIC!But My god he was stressful and that little thing was…I wanted to kill it everytime!!But anyway!!WHATEVER!He is done now!

***Bleach 562: The Villain II***

Renji wants to be like Ichigo,and I think he does it to impress Rukia or something,we all know there is something going on between them,don´t we? I am not making official something,but for me it looks like that

Renji wants to be like Ichigo,and I think he does it to impress Rukia or something,we all know there is something going on between them,don´t we? I am not making official something,but for me it looks like that!

Anyway,Bleach is becoming a great manga and I hope it stays like it!



***Naruto Shippuden 659: Rinbo Hengoku***

Hey guys:

I just read Naruto Manga and i will tell you the exact same thing I told you in older posts….NARUTO MANGA NEEDS TO END!!Now!Is just the story is getting a little bit boring and predictable like I told you,and is like they want to make it longer and longer but lets face it guys,it is time for the manga to end,quickly!Is not that I don´t like it,it is just that it is time to put an end on it!

The chap of the manga was O.K. Madara is back,he used obito to get the powers of the Bijuus and he is obviously gonna get them (like always) and we will see Naruto do something about it.But,what I am really waiting for is for the big last battle between Naruto and Sasuke!I mean,we all know this is going to end in a battle either for the spot of Hokage or for whatever reason between them,anyway,i really want to see a blood bath in the next chapters!Something!Is not that i am a person that likes blood is just that I miss those days were they fighted against each other and almost killing each other is just that!

Madara has kind of a new jutsu that…OMG!I don´t wanna spoil you guys but i think that was the best part of todays chapter!Just that part,for me was the best!I don´t know read it yourselves and find out!

***Naruto Shippuden 659: Rinbo Hengoku***

Best part of the manga!THIS ONE!

Best part of the manga!THIS ONE!

So,In my opinion Naruto is great,but it also has to end like all good stories and I think is time for this great story to end.I thnk that after this war they will announce the official release date of the last chap of the manga,because they said that it was going to be on October 10th but apparently the manga didn´t ended so basically they lied to us!Hahah








***Will Bleach Anime Return and When!!??***

Hey Guys:

If you are reading it is because you are as desperated as I am to see Bleach Again as an Anime!Ok,Bleach anime ended because Tv Tokyo wanted to make an special schedule for Naruto SD but I mean it seems like a year since we last saw a Bleach episode,it is not Naruto bothers me is just that they should really give Bleach a spot again on the TV.

I mean,there are alot of fans who want to see Bleach again but when will we be able to see it again? There are rumors that the anime was cancelled because it was catching up with the manga,but now people are saying that because Tite Kubo is putting a lot of effort in the final arc and that the manga is almost in the ending line,the anime will return sometime in 2014 or 2015 which are really good news for all of us,well all of us that are fans of Bleach!


The worst news will be that the last anime chap of Bleach 366 will really become the last episode of the anime,which are really bad news and from my point of view,please don´t hate me guys;I think that Bleach 366 will really be the last anime episode!But don´t worry guys the manga is still going,the best we can do now is wait till the next chapter of Bleach.By the way,Bleach is becoming so interesting and has really become interesting and the plot is becoming what we were waiting,so what we can do i said is just wait..

As for the Anime of Bleach,only time will tell,but the odds seem slightly to be in its favour!We will wait and see..



***Problems:Help me to make my blog better***

Hey guys:

You know that I started my blog not a lot time ago,but i want to make it even better for you guys to like it even more!Anyway,I am having some problems,well actually is a question that needs to be answered,Hope you ca help me with it:

Ok,what i want to make is that for example a Doctor Who post that is published in the front page are also published in the Doctor Who category.The same post in two different places,you can watch the Doctor Who post in the front page but if you search in the DW category you can also see it in there!What do I need to do??Is there a Magic trick or something!?Some witchcraft or do i have to get a magic wand and say EXPELLIARMUS?What do I need to do??Can you help me please!?I really want to make this possible because i have checked other blogs and also your blogs and they are like that,they have the same post in different places and is quite great!I want to learn to do it,so if you have your blog like that,could you teach me please?You guys maybe are experts or something,I don´t Know but please,please Help me!!

So,after this i will be happy to see a lot of comments from you guys helping me!Please i will be so grateful!!Thank you for making my blog better! THANK YOU GUYS I LOVE YOU!!!


***Doctor Who: Farewell to Matt Smith***

Hey Guys:

You know that we are  closer to Christmas,so we are closer to Matt Smith farewell!!


Ok,I know you what are saying now: “YOU DIDN´T HAVE TO REMEMBERED IT TO US!”

I am sorry,but anyway the BBC is going to make an special episode/interview about Matt Smith,I think it is kind of cute}1But when David Tennant Left they didn´t make something like that (I THINK) ,but I think it is because THE WHOLE WORLD made an special thing for David Tennant,SCREAMING! Anyway,I am soo sad about Matt Leaving Doctor who,and i am kind of specting an special episode just for Matt.I think that this episode will be specially for Matt (I mean the Christmas Special),like a good and happy episode full of Magic and full of stuff about Matt!I am wishing the best for Matt,the best of the best!!

Here is the trailer: Farewell to Matt Smith

Wednesday,December 25 followed by the Doctor Who Christmas Special.


****The Doctor becomes a Psycho****

Hey Guys:

Matt smith,the star from Doctor Who is becoming Patrick Bateman in the new London Production “American Psycho”.He will play the Metrosexual,Patrick Bateman (OMG!!),who is a businessman who is also a murderer based in the novel of  Bret Easton Elli´s.


The musical adaptation of this novel was runned on December 3rd of this year and will continue to January 25th of 2014 at  London´s Alemeidia Theatre.

Obviously,there have been really good comments about this musical and specially of Matt Smith´s performance (Of course).I think this will be rare to us,because we are used to a good Matt Smith,a good Doctor that is not a Psycho Killer,but i think that is what the producers were thinking,to see a whole new side of Matt,a dark side,violent side and of course a musical side!i mean we have heard David Singing and so Christopher,It is time to see Matt Singing!Omg,just thinking about Matt Singing makes me have the chills,he surely has a beautiful voice,is there anything in the world that Matt can´t do??HE IS JUST PERFECT!!


So guys,really don´t miss this amazing musical adaptation of American Psycho.It is full of music and great performances,so don´t miss the chance to see Matt Smith and the whole cast performing!Please please watch it,because i will not have the chance of seeing it because,well I don´t live in London soo if you do live in London and you have the chance to see it,you should watch it and then tell us how was it!!

But hurry up,not only humans will watch it but also Sontarans,Daleks,Cybermen and more of the Doctor Who enemies,I mean he might have left Doctor Who,but he will always be our Doctor.














***Happy Birthday Mayim Bialik***

Hey Guys:

Today is Mayim Bialiks Birthday!!

Happy 38th Birthday Mayim Bialik!Happy Birthday to Sheldons Nerdy Girlfriend who we all love!!Hope Sheldon finally gives her what she wants,and I think we all know what she wants from Sheldon,don´t we??!! Hahaha..Today is going to be a great night for her!Jajaj

Happy Birthday Pretty Princess Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik)!! SHE HAS A TIARA!!!

tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo1_250 tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo2_250

tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo3_250 tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo6_250

tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo5_250 tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo4_250

tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo7_250 tumblr_mxohcjU0bN1rj8bvzo8_250



***The Doctor and Sherlock***

Hey guys:

I know some of you guys have been wondering what would happen if the Doctor and Sherlock were together in the same room,well in this case in the TARDIS!

“Months after an encounter with a mysterious ‘Doctor’, Sherlock becomes obsessed with discovering more about this impossible man… until the man makes an unexpected return.”

The creator, with a very clean execution of CGI animation, audio timing and script writing, has created a flawless short that brings two of our favorite characters together in the TARDIS

This video was made for all of us: Fans of Doctor Who/Sherlock who always have wanted to see them together and have always wondered what would happen if this two incredible men where in the same TARDIS!Two of the most popular BBC series written by Steven Moffat get together in this amazing video made by the famous Youtuber John Smith (or at least that Youtuber published it) and this same Youtuber created the 50th anniversary Trailer that everyone thought that was the real one (admit it you thought it too)And his videos are really great!


***Doctor Who:The Time of the Doctor***

Hey Guys:

I got you some promo photos from the Time of the Doctor!This promo photos were released little by little,just for you not to get spoiled!!I can of waited,and waited,and waited more till there were more photos so you could see them all!Anyway,this are the photos I got,so I hope you SHOUT and FANGIRL as much as I did when i watched them!



















So,this are the photos I got and maybe i will get more this week!But I think this were enough photos to make you cry and fangirl,but specially cry because matt is leaving,but he will be replaced by him: Amazing Peter Capaldi



OMG!!I am soo happy but at the same time I am dying inside!

***Supernatural Jokes while filming***

Hey guys:

Ok1Lets talk about how we love Jensen,Misha and Jared when they are together!I think that they spend like three days to try to film one scene!They are joking everytime and every single moment they are joking!But the best of all is that they kind of do it already planned,like they plan everything all together:

“Ok,we are shooting this scene in a few moments,what if you push Misha and then i start to call you jerk and punch you because you hitted my ship or boyfriend ok Jared!” said Jensen

“Yeah i agree with you,we will make a Deastiel moment and fans all around the world will be fangirling!!” said Jared


Ok not like that but that is kind of an example of what they kind of do when they want to ruin a scene or something!jajaj You kind of get the scene!

And the three of them make every Joke better!!

One example of this post:

tumblr_mvuo5dGQ621rxfigmo2_r2_250 tumblr_mvuo5dGQ621rxfigmo1_r2_250

tumblr_mvuo5dGQ621rxfigmo3_r2_250 tumblr_mvuo5dGQ621rxfigmo4_r2_250

Another wonderful Example:

tumblr_ms08zbUId51qkxrcwo1_400  tumblr_inline_mkzlxrCkds1qz4rgp


Example Number 3:

tumblr_mxmokeixWP1rstq9ro6_250 tumblr_mxmokeixWP1rstq9ro5_250 tumblr_mxmokeixWP1rstq9ro4_250 tumblr_mxmokeixWP1rstq9ro3_250 tumblr_mxmokeixWP1rstq9ro2_r1_250 tumblr_mxmokeixWP1rstq9ro1_250

Example 4:

tumblr_inline_mxo1phxiCG1rz44at tumblr_inline_mxo1szmeG81rz44at

tumblr_inline_mxo1upA6YF1rz44at tumblr_mhvfi2aJ8O1qzlk8yo4_250


I think I made it all clear!! =3

***Naruto Shippuden 658: Bijuu vs. Madara***

Hey guys: Last week Naruto Shippuden manga was released: Naruto Shippuden 657:Madara Uchiha is Back. Ok,can i just say that this was kind of what I was expecting to happen!!The Bad Guy comes back to life and tries to make a bad world and wants to kill everybody by having a wonderful power,but i have always asked me this: What is the point of killing everyone and trying to rule the world,I mean if you kill everybody who are you going to rule!!?? Haven´t they asked themselves this!!!But that is the normal and common story! Well here is the link to last weeks manga: ***Naruto Shppuden 657: Madara Uchiha is back

The power of 9!!!

The power of 9!!!

And know the review of yesterdays manga: Naruto Shippuden 658 Ok,Madara is becoming like kind of inmortal!How many times does he needs to be killed!First in the past and know we need to kill him in the future!Ok this is just cheating!My god this is so asdfghjk!!! Anyway,I think the manga is close to the end!Is not that i want it to finish but I think that they are kind of making the things longer and it is becoming predictable,like we already know what is going to happen..I don´t know what you think guys but for me is time for the manga to end!I like Naruto but i think is time to finish all the story,is jut that there is nothing more to tell or to write about,but i just hope that in the end they make Naruto Hokage,but what i think is going to complicate things is that EVERYBODY KNOW WANTS  TO BECOME HOKAGE!!Surely there is going to be a fight between Naruto and Sasuke for the leadership..Dont you think?? ***Naruto Shippuden 658: Bijuu vs. Madara


Everyhting is becoming so predectible: Except this,i wasn´t expecting madara to get a new eye!!

But surely,Naruto will always be the best manga of all!At least for me! hahaha



***Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor***

Hey Guys:

As I promised,i will start publishing things today!So,I will start with the best news of all: The new Trailer of the Time of the Doctor-.The Christmas special!

We are all excited to know that Christmas Day is close and if Christmas Day is close soo is The Christmas Special!Do you remember that post i wrote about The Christmas Special SPOILER?Well,apparently everything that is wrote in there is true,well mostly of all,or that is what we can see in this trailer!

So,Finally i have founded the trailer that was published on monday or yesterday I really don´t know but here you go guys!!!You will love it as much as I did!!



Did you hear what the Daleks said!??? “The Doctor has Regenerated!!”…..MY GOD THAT WAS..ASDFGHJK!!! I am dying slowly!!Every minute it passes i am dying more and more!!!I am so excited to see the Christmas Speacial,we are all going to die!!And do you know whose fault is it?:


MATT SMITH IS LEAVING!!!PETER CAPALDI IS BECOMING THE DOCTOR!! I don´t know why,but i feel like i had no soul!!



***I´M BACK***

Hey Guys:

I am sooo sorry I promised you i will be back on Monday but my exam results had some problems so everything got messed up so everything didn´t work out as i wanted.

I was like this during my final exams!!

Anyway,i got good grades (if you where wondering about it) everything went all right sooo nothing to worry about!!Everything is all right,at the beginning i was a little worried because the final are the worst but there weren´t too difficult!!!Although i was a little worried about my blog and you guys because i was always thinking you were going to visit my blog and you wouldn´t find anything!Again,I am soo sorry.

Anyway,a lot of things happened while i was gone like:New promo photos from the Time of the Doctor,the announcement of Sherlock Season 3,the death of Paul Walker (which is too sad,we are all sad to hear this,well everyone with a soul is sad!!) and a lot of new stuff from our Fandoms!So you might see a lot of stuff in my blog this week,don´t worry i will make up to you!



Anyway,don´t worry any of you guys!!This week my blog will be full of posts sooo visit my blog tomorrow!!Tomorrow i will start posting things,get ready for the fangirling!!

tumblr_inline_mxesw0lZxD1qi5r75   tumblr_mwvl8rul7q1qd1240o3_r1_250

***The time of the Doctor and More:Extended Clip Trailer***

Hey guys:

A new trailer  for the Christmas special was released by the BBC,we surely are all waiting for this moment and we all know that we are going to die when we see this!This contains clips from the christmas special of DW!

I mean,THERE ARE SOO MANY FEELSS!!I am going to miss Matt Smith sooo much!!I remember that at the beginning i was just hating him because he had taken David´s place,but now i love him so much!And now that he is leaving i hate Peter Capaldi so much,but then i know that i am going to love him in the end!Obviously!!

Here is  the special trailer:


P.S: Don´t worry guys tomorrow I finish my exams and i will start to publish tomorrow in the afternoon!I AM BACK!


***Bad News:Not many posts this week***

Hellow Guys:

Bad News for all of you that like to see my blog and likes my posts,unfortunately this week i will not be able to Publish stuff,maybe some posts but not a lot!I am starting my final exams this week,and i might not be able to publish stuff since I will be too busy studing and triying to get a good grade!


Yep,sorry!I have exams this week!I know that all of you are sad (or maybe not) but i need to study since this are my final exams before Christmas,but don´t woory when they finish i will be right back with you publishing a lot of stuff!!!So,in conclusion: I am having final exams,sadness,sadness,no posts this week (maybe some),more sadness,tears,tears and i will be back with you next week!!

So,today I am having my maths exam (I don´t worry a lot,for me maths is pretty simple).Why am i not worrying about maths exam,Well:


Jjaja,anyway is just going to the school,take my exam and then after i finish i can go!So,maybe i will publish some stuff (not alot,but some).

Wish me luck!!!

P.S.:My exam is like two hours long,sooo it might take me some time to solve it!


***This is too much!!**

Hey guys:

Ok!May i just say this is too much!!I mean,I know he like caused the Time War but jajaja this is just…I can´t find the words!

Maybe when you watch it,you will know what I am Talking about!

Ok!It is a great video,funny and with a lot of sense!!Jajaja But i just can´t take it seriously!!Jjaj also can´t stop laughing!!


***Matt Smith´s Clone***

hey guys:

Well,if you check my last posts,you can find the chap.when David Tennant and Matt Smith are together in the Graham Norton show because of the 50th anniversary.Anyway,if you saw the part where people start to tell their stories you might remeber this:

tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto1_250 tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto2_250

tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto3_250  tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto4_250

tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto5_250  tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto6_250

tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto7_250  tumblr_mwore5ewgW1qg44uto8_250

Ok people,we have now founded Matt Smith´s clone!I mean,OMG!!He looks like Matt,actually David Tennant is laughing soo hard in that part of the show!Because,he is right he looks exactly like Matt and is funny!Now Matt can find a double for his regeneration,he doesn´t need to suffer in his last chap.he just calls him,and he will suffer for him!

Jjaja I think we all have a clone in the world,actually i already founded mine!And i got to tell you guys,she looks exactly like me!You will find your clone soon(hope he/she is like you expect it to be) because Matt looks amazed by this!!Jajaja

I think we all are amazed by this…

#Sherlock Lives!!!***

Hey Guys:

Sherlock is returning!Aparently,Sherlock is returning next year,i though it was last week!I was fooled!!Anyway,i am so excited for his returning!I mean,Sherlock is one of the best Tv shows I have ever seen in my life!It is not just because he is cute,it is also because the way he solves things!I mean,everytime I solve something that anyone else can I can solve it I feel like F*** Sherlock!!I feel amazing!Jjaja is that too much?Anyway,sherlock is coming back on January 1st 2014!Just after New Years Eve!!I mean,we all know why we are going to celebrate when everybody starts to celebrate,we will have a different reason to celebrate!!jaja

Sherlock Season 3:

tumblr_inline_mx0t7zgSr01qdiwnb                        tumblr_inline_mx0t82bxMT1qdiwnb

OMG!!(Not Breathing!!!)